Cellulite Review

celluliteCellulite is often coined in lay terms as “cottage cheese skin” or “orange peel syndrome” and is the unsightly condition that affects millions of women (and even a few men), leaving a lot of unanswered questions as to which are the best cellulite treatments.

What is Cellulite?

Before discussing which are the most popular cellulite treatments, we must first discuss what cellulite is exactly. Cellulite is the term used for the unsightly appearance of the skin when it displays a puckered, or dimple-like appearance as the result of the pockets in the skin being overrun by adipose tissue (fat). The skin is not just one layer – it has many layers starting with the outer epidermal layer, followed by a deeper dermal layer, and the last layers are composed of fat cells as well as a thin muscle layer.

Many cellulite treatments are designed to address the skin to tighten and firm, similar to ironing out the wrinkles of the skin. Others are designed to minimize the fat contained in the fat pockets so the skin returns to normal. To understand what happens when cellulite occurs, imagine there is a room with four walls that has an elastic-like, stretchy ceiling. This represents one of the fat pockets. The ceiling is represented by the elastic cover. Now imagine that the room is completely filled up with baseballs, without any additional room.

What is definition Of Cellulite ?

Now imagine that the baseballs doubled in size, and since there is no room to move side to side, they mush push upward, thus stretching out the ceiling, and causing dimples in the top. This is what cellulite is. So when it comes to deciding on a cellulite treatment, it is imperative to know these facts so that you can understand how the treatment is working.

Back to our example, now imagine that the floor is made out of woven rope – this will represent the muscle layer under the skin. When the muscles are weak, they are not needing much nutrition, so they start to slack off and get smaller. If you were to find good exercises that will address this muscle layer, the muscles would need constant nutrition, and feed off of the fat cells, thus keeping them at the normal baseball size in our example above.

Unfortunately, many cellulite treatments are just aimed at the fat cells and the tightening of the skin, so typically users will see the results return after a period of time. The real key is to address these superficial muscles under the skin and keep them healthy, in order to minimize the effects of cellulite.

By understanding this information on what cellulite is and how it affects the body, cellulite treatment can be narrowed down to specific exercises targeting this muscle group.

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