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Cellulite appears on the skin when fat builds up between the layers of connective tissue and pushes against the skin. It is mostly seen on the thighs, upper arm and buttocks. Genetics, hormones (estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline), chemicals such as catecolamine (released during stress) and unhealthy lifestyle play an important role in cellulite formation. Several Types of cellulite removal treatments are available nowadays. The most effective ones are mentioned below. Read on to find out.Anti cellulite treatment at home

Cellulite Removal Methods:

Message Therapy:

This therapy is the best cellulite removal remedy which could show satisfactory results within 2 weeks. The reason why this therapy is so powerful is that it breaks the cellulite deposits due to extreme pressure, increases blood circulation to the cellulite affected area and repairs the body’s lymphatic drainage system. Due to this the byproducts from the skin are flushed out of the body making your skin soft and smooth. If the massage therapy is carried out properly using correct techniques and a good cellulite massaging device, then it provides far better results than the high priced beauty treatments and makes the skin “orange peel” free.

Diet Plan:

When a healthy diet is not consumed, cellulite starts building up in the body and keeps spreading further and further along the skin till it is all over the place. Hence, the absolute solution for sustained cellulite reduction is a nutritious eating plan and the will power to stick to it. Skipping meals to cut down calories isn’t going to help. Consuming vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that make your skin healthier, smoother and softer is highly essential to be free of cellulite bumps.

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Anti-Cellulite Cream:

Anti-cellulite skin creams are the simplest cellulite removal methods. There are some brands of anti-cellulite creams that work excellently well to give desired results within 3-4 weeks of application. However, the healing time differs from person to person according to the type of skin they have. This is because different skin types have different amounts of cellulite. However, the best cellulite reducing creams usually show visible results in as few as 4 weeks, with effects becoming better with each passing day.

Body Wraps:

Body wraps are easy to use. All you need to do is rub the region with creams or organic oils or specialized ointments, cover it with a thin fabric, seaweed, plastic wraps, thermal clay etc. and allow it to stay for 40 minutes. During these 40 minutes, the skin is suffocated with anti-cellulite agents which makes the cellulite reduction process faster.

Drink more Water:

Drink adequate water to flush out the toxins through urine and fight cellulite more effectively. But drinking soft drinks and other similar beverages should be avoided.

Fruit Juice:

Fruit juices are loaded with great stuff for rejuvenating the skin. They boost your defense against cellulite and help in maintaining healthy skin. Drinking a glass of fruit juice (2 parts juice, 1 part water) twice daily can be really helpful in dealing with cellulite.

Brush the skin:

Brush the skin with a natural bristle dry skin brush at least three times a day. Do this for 10-15 minutes per session to reduce the appearance of cellulite bumps.

Fish Oil:

Take 1000mg of Omega 3 Fish oil per day. Outstanding results can be seen within a few days.

Laser Cellulite Treatment:

It acts on the fibrous bands beneath the skin. The fat gets heated due to the laser and melts away breaking the fibrous bands that are pulling down on your skin. The effects of this treatment begin to shoe results within a year and last for only 2 years. So, once you get a laser treatment done, it is imperative to stick to a workout regimen and consume a healthy diet to maintain the effects of the laser treatment.

Tone the muscles:

Toning the muscles pushes out the skin and makes those areas of your skin tighter where the muscles have become flabby. So, exercising regularly is essential as it smooths the affected area and effectively hides the cellulite. Without exercise, the cellulite will find its way back up again.

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